• Steve Blackwell
    Lead Pastor

    Steve and Debbie founded Harvest Fellowship along with several other couples on September 20, 1992 in the basement of their home (see our history).  It has been a 23 year journey to date. Over the years, there have been many people trained in different areas of the ministry, through Grace School of Ministry or just serving. Hundreds have come to Christ through evangelistic efforts over the years. Steve's education has been in Theology, Bible and Counseling earning a ThB, MA, MDiv, and a PhD. Steve's work history outside of ministry has been in the medical field and then later in manufacturing. In 1999, He left management in those fields to be a consultant in Lean Manufacturing, Software training (with his own industrial software-Visual Instructor Software-(recently sold), and in Leadership, Team Work and Personal Coaching (both in business and ministry). Steve and Debbie have been married for 40 years and have four grown children and 13 grandchildren, who all live in the Greater Brighton area.

  • Bobby Hill
    Associate Pastor / Youth Pastor

    Bob Hill better know to us as Bobby, is the Associate Pastor of Harvest Fellowship and our Youth Pastor. Bob works directly with the senior higher with great success.  He has exstensive experience in youth work, and is passionate to see our senior highers be spiritually minded and even to defend themselves against other world views that they are taught in school.  Bob loves apologetics and teaches it not only to the youth, but to the adults as well. Bob is a second generation pastor and is married to Narissa, and has two adult children and grandchildren.

  • Jonathan Blackwell
    Technology Director / Leadership Team

    Jon is head of our Technology at Harvest as well as being on the Harvest Leadership Team. He is an engineer at Fujifilm Medical Systems and lives in the Brighton Area. He's married to Lindsay, one of the worship team leaders and they have 4 children: Buddy, Adelle, Anya and Broden. Jon has been with the church from its first service over 23 years ago.

  • Debbie Blackwell
    Coffee Bar Manager

    Debbie Blackwell is the wife of the Senior Pastor and serves in several areas. She heads mommies coffee on Wednesday mornings, along with teaching 4th & 5th graders in Kids Quest (our childrens ministry).  She also heads up the Harvest Cafe (our coffee Bar), buys for Harvest and heads up decoration of the Harvest building. She has 4 adult children and 13 grandchildren. Debbie loves being at home, but is very active outside the home.

  • Kelly Green
    Leadership Treasurer / Finance Team Chairman

    Kelly is our Finance Team Chairman and works hard with the team to give integrity to how our giving is spent.  He is a member of our Leadership Team, and teaches and preaches when called upon. He is married to Sharon, and has 3 children, one in college. He works for Shamrock foods as a manager.  He brings a refreshing view to Harvest as does Sharon. They live in the Brighton area.

  • Anthony Muñoz
    Leadership Team / Jr. High Leader

    Anthony is on the Harvest leadership team. He also helps lead the men's group, Jr. High service, and is involved in other ministries. He and his wife Sarah work together in real estate and have 5 kids, Brock, Ali, Beau, Brody and Breck. They live in the Brighton area.

  • Jami Minne
    Director of Communications, Commander of Awana, Ministry Support

    Jami is Ministry Support Leader, the Director of Communications, Commander of Awana and works in the office twice a week.  She has 3 children, Brooke, Brennah and Brecken. She is married to Brett Minne, a Principal at Turnberry, an Elementary in the 27J School District. They live in Brighton.  Jami has attended Harvest since the beginning of the church over 23 years ago! 

  • Lindsay Blackwell
    Worship Leader

    Lindsay is the director of one of our Worship teams, and is an accomplished musician and singer. (Even tried out for American Idol!). She spends a great deal of time preparing to our delight on Sunday mornings. She also teaches on occasion for different events. She is always looking for better ways to assist the people in worship. She is married to Jon Blackwell, the Technology Director and Leader at harvest. She has 4 children and lives in the Brighton area.

  • Will Deere
    Worship Leader / Men's Group

    Will is the director of one of our Worship teams and his wife Rachel sings on his team. Will is also involved in leading the Men's group. Will works in real estate and runs his own consulting business on the side. He has 2 children and lives in the Brighton area.

  • Gordon Lange
    Facilities Manager / Options Representative

    Gordon is our facility manager (in transition to his retirement). No retirement for you! You'll find him fixing, cleaning spills and wrenching around the building and also serves as the representative and maintenance engineer for Aurora Options, a home schooling school meeting at Harvest on Mondays and Tuesdays during the school year.  He is married to Bonnie and they have two children and one adult son at home. He and Bonnie were national parents of the year, several years back and met with the President of the United States for their award. They have fostered over 1500 kids through their life time and have two down syndrome girls at home.